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night, and let's take a look at some of the video we've got here on the ipad, this is monroe, michigan, the bomb exploding last night, leaving a man and two children inside the vehicle, in serious condition. now, monroe is about 20 miles outside of toledo, ohio, and you can see the blackened shell of what's left of that car after the explosion that went off on a street that was lined with trees. thankfully, not near any homes or businesses. police say their investigation right now in the very early stages, you can see the federal agents there as part of this right now, the atf is taking the lead on this. and as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. right now, though, they are saying a car bomb, going off in monroe, michigan. as we get more we'll pass it on to you. jon: a man and two children hurt, is that right? >> a man and two children, they are in serious condition. jon: you can imagine, when you see what's left of that car. rick, thanks. jenna: new video is just crossing our international desk in the newsroom. this reportedly the scene in the holmes province in syria this
rally in detroit michigan the event headlined by president obama. moments before he took to the table teamster's president jimmy hoffa had this to say about the tea party. >> we have to keep an eye on the balance we face the war on workers. you see it is everywhere, it is the tea party. there's only one way to beat and win that war. the one thing about working people is, we like a good fight. they got a war, they got a war with us and there is only going to be one winner, it is going to be the workers of michigan and america. we are going to win that war. president obama, this is your army. we are ready to march. everybody here has a vote. if we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let's take these [ bleep ] out and give america back to america where we belong. thank you very much! >> sean: almost immediately following that classless declaration of war was the president's turn address the crowd. rather than condemn the hateful rhetoric spewed by hoffa the president praised him by name, even saying he's proud of him. now we've been one day removed from the speech white house aides co
new. here in michigan, obviously, it's been very hard hit in large part because of the auto industry. the white house, clearly, picked the gm headquarters to talk a little bit about the auto bailouts which they believe saved thousands of jobs. and the unemployment rate in this state has dropped. two summers ago it was over 14%. now it's 10.9%. but, obviously, still far worse than the national average, still very dangerous politically for a president who's facing re-election. i should note as well that some of the union officials, the labor crowd, the president also trying to rev up his political operation heading into 2012. the teamster president, jimmy hoffa jr., was speaking a couple moments ago and saying we'll remember in november who's with the working people. he was chiding republicans, specifically named the tea party, and then his language got a lot stronger, and pardon my language as i repeat it. he said of the tea party and republicans, quote, let's take these sons of bitches out. it got some cheers here from the crowd in detroit. megyn: i just want to make sure we understa
. the former massachusetts government mitt romney defeated the competition in a michigan state of the union troll but the governor romney was been in michigan. and now, shannon is live in washington. you were in florida talking with the straw poll voters. what drove them to herman cain. >>reporter: a combination. a lot of folks told us they were disappointed in rick perry's debate performance but others responded to the barn burner speech that herman cain gave after the debate. he says people like his ideas. >> the establishment and all of these other people they will have to get out of denial and recognize that my message is what is resonating with the people who are beginning to actually cast a vote. >> the other candidates that spent quite a bit of money in florida, herman cain rented a bus and drove around and talked to people. >>trace: the frontrunner, how are they going after each other today? >>reporter: a new video and rick perry is pointing out the differences that romney has between his hard back book, no apology, and the paperback version which deletes a controversial line about
of the two top front-runners left florida to be in michigan where there is a g.o.p. gathering for the remainder of this weekend. perry arrived there a short while ago. mr. romney got there last night after having spent the day in indiana. so it's a particulay important straw poll, too. there is only two that matter in the aggregate for presidential politics. one in iowa, we saw that. michele bachmann won it but hasn't been able to capitalize on the victory. the florida straw poll, this one is the fifth presidential cycle where this convention is taking place. has been indicator in the past, the people that won the straw polls went on to be president. ronald reagan, george h. bush were all winners. they won the straw poll and ended up in the white house. a lot is riding on this and the perry campaign is looking for a big win. you're right about that. romney is not organizing. jon huntsman is ignoring it. the candidates that took part in the fox news debate will be on the ballot with the exception of gary johnson, the new mexico governor who simply didn't participate. >> uma: it
ri are in michigan on mackinaw island but before rick perry departed the sunshine state he spoke to a prayer breakfast of republican activists and made it clear thesis there has to be a kind of candidate not necessarily skilled in debating but firm in his conviction, casting himself as such one. listen to this. >> americans are looking for in a candidate, they are looking for an authentic principled leader. [ applause ] >> think about it. you have seen what happens when our country chooses leaders who emphasize words over deeds. >> . >> reporer: as i said earlier, a number of candidates had an opportunity to speak today. each of them making their pitch why they belong in the oval office but also making a pitch for whether they want their name bhecked off in this ballot. here is a little bit of the speech earlier today. >> when you cast your ballot at this straw poll, send washington on mechblg. they are ready for a problem solver, not another politician. they are ready for solutions. they ready for solutions. that is what the united states of america, the premium of ready for. se
they have to defend california and new york, it is over. how are they going to compete in michigan, wisconsin? how are they going to compete in north carolina, indiana, florida, ohio? they are not going to be able to do it. >> the road to victory for the republicans win the states mccain won pick up indiana, virginia, north carolina, traditionally republican states that obama snuck away last time. win ohio and florida and then win any other state in the state of the union, new hampshire, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, iowa, colorado, new mexico, nevada, any one puts the republican in the white house. >> sean: oregon democrat said in my district the enthusiasm for obama has mostly evaporated. tremendous discontent with his direction. i have one heck of a lot of democrats saying i voted for him before, but i don't know if i can do it again. will he be able in 14 months to get back those people that have been turning on him in poll after poll? >> look, he will get back the democrats. but he's not going to get the in-- to get the independents. i think the problem is he is going to
, that watson is not intended to replace humans. a get out the vote effort in lansing michigan could land one woman in jail. medical marijuana dispensary owner, shakina, pena allegedly gave free pot to customers who agreed to register to vote. michigan's attorney general claims penna encouraged them to vote for city council candidates who support medical marijuana laws and pena's facebook page was updated to say, quote, i stand for unity, i stand for patients, i stand for compliance, i stand for awareness, i stand for safe access and let's focus on the bigger picture here. and we told you about the candidate debate and focus on front runner, texas governor rick perry. his colleagues went oafter his stance on social security. >> governor rick perry was asailed by his republican competitors for his earlier criticisms of the program. >> governor, the term ponzi scheme scared seniors and number two, suggesting that social security should no longer be a federal program and return to the states unconstitutional. >> we're frightening the american people who just want solutions and this party isn't g
polls. herman cain won the florida, mitt romney in michigan. brit hume examines the republican field. grapevine, you'll never guess who some republicans would like to see run for president. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues, at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." 2012 news now. though donald trump is not running he is keeping himself involved in the race as much as he can. a little while ago, romney met with the donald. here is what mr. trump had to say about that. >> we had a great hour together. he expressed certain feelings i didn't even know where he was coming from. i was impressed with things he said. i want a great president. it'd love obama to be a great president. i'd be happy whether i'm a republican or democrat, it doesn't matter. i would love to see obama finish offgly and do a great job. >> dana: so mitt romney this past weekend won the michigan straw poll. we talked about the florida tra poll earlier where herman cain won. a point i want to make in the last five weeks there have been five straw polls and
. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> no kidding. eric chapel was driving through monroe, michigan, with his two sons when his volvo stationwagon suddenly blew up! investigators say the bomb was planted in the middle of the car. his sons suffered bad burns but they're expected to be ok. motive for the attack -- not known. a car bomb on a volvo. >> forget about empty nest syndrome. one man having a real life case of failure to launch. >> as long as you're up, son. >> come on, pop. you two have fun. >> you live with your parents? >> is that a problem? >> watch that movie on vacation, it's fantastic. just like his character, a man in italy is refusing to move out from a childhood home and now his parents are threatening a lawsuit to evict him. they say his 41-year-old son has a great job and fully capable of living on his own. let he continues to live with them rent free demanding home cooked meals and fresh laundry almost every day. what? 41? change the locks! something. >> well, by the way, for terry bradshaw not to win an emmy for that performance or an oscar, that's anti-fo
obama at a labor day event speaking before a crowd in detroit, michigan. we'll have much more on what vice president biden had to say. perhaps he will talk more about the jobs situation as we heard from president obama earlier. in the meantime, there's a live shot for you. as the vice president speaks we'll bring you anything that he has to say of any substance, a little later. >> heather: hello i'm heather childers welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. jobs and more jobs. in what is being described as a preview of the president's speech, that he will be delivering this thursday to congress, the president telling union members today in detroit, the time for washington games is over. congress needs to move quickly to create jobs. on this labor day the president touting his efforts to save the auto industry. >> the president: we said that american auto workers could once again build the best cars in the world. [ cheering and applause ] >> the president: so we stood by the auto industry. and we made some tough choices that were necessary t
these american soldiers returning home from wars overseas. this from michigan: >> what's it like right now, just to finally have him in your arms? >> it's amazing, it's awesome. you know, being over there, i just tried not to think about it, because i had a mission to do, so actually being home now, being home, you know, kind of hard to describe. so i'm just really happy. bill: that's the picture of the day, isn't it? look at that. national guard troops in michigan just finishing a seven-month deployment in the war. martha: all right. this is not so great. we've got those bad jobs numbers that came in from august, zero jobs added in the month of august, and add one group in america, black americans, struggling to find work is really a standout in terms of the bad situation here. mike tobin is live on that for us in chicago. hi mike. >> reporter: hi martha. you mentioned the zero job growth and national unemployment figure, but they only get worse among african-americans. if you look at the number of black americans unemployed, that figure is about 17 percent, the unemployment figures are a litt
-level low pressure system that has been producing waterspouts over portions of lake michigan, that will be bringing in cool temperatures. tomorrow a high of 60 in chicago. we do have a potential for severe weather from this storm system across western portions of tennessee and arkansas. we'll continue to monitor that throughout the evening today. >> heather: we have video of waterspouts. pretty amazing stuff. >> gregg: very happy day in new york city. wanted to take a look at camera shot in manhattan. this is the news conference where the two american hikers who had been inside iranian prison for the better part of two years. they will be speaking shortly. they are finally on american soil. sarah shourd may be there. we're going to be live inside that news conference as soon as it begins. >> heather: exciting day for them. growing concerns over the shaky global economy. how close to the u.s. to a double-dip recession and could europe's debt crisis be brought in. >> and a hells angel leader killed. we'll tell you why cops are declaring it a state of emergency in that area. [ m
of the states republicans weren't able to win over the election cycle. states like michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, the upper mid western part of our country. take back states like indiana, virginia, north carolina that president obama won last time against john mccain. the second thing which is really for important is where president obama is on this poll which is at 42. there is a rule of thumb in polling that the incumbent gets what he gets in the polling, which means that if the election were being held today, which obviously it's not, we have a longtime to go, if the election were held today president obama would lose like a landslide. that has to be devastating for him. megyn: i have a lot i want to ask you about. let's go through it piece by piece. i want to get youree action to the date being moved up in florida. these other states are saying we have to go before florida. iowa, new hampshire, nevada, and south carolina now all in january before florida, it's going to be a busy month for you guys. you sound kind of happy about it. mitt romney's camp i don't know. they came out wi
new video just being released of a shooting inside a walgreen's drugstore. it happened in michigan. the video shows a couple of masked armed robbers coming into the store in benton township, then watch this, they shove a store employee around. one of the other employees, seeing the guy with his hands in the air, jumped into action to defend himself, he pulls out his own gun. one of the robbers then jumps over the counter at the pharmacy, fires a couple of shots, and then drops his own weapon as he runs off. the store employee, je me hoban, was praised at first for his bravey, but then guess what, he gets fired for violating company policy. now hoban is suing, raising the question, do employees have a right to defend themselves in the workplace. daniel swan son is jeremy hoban's attorney. daniel, first of all, this wasn't a case where he saw guys with a gun, they shoal him, right? >> good acchioo good afternoon. he did shoot at them after the gunman pulled the trigger at least three times of his gun. fortunately for reasons we don't know, the gun never went off. but jeremy only resp
the poll in orlando to attend campaign events in michigan. >> six ton satellite -- [ unintelligible ] plummeted to earth, officials not sure where it landed. they think it landed in the pacific. say parts could have fallen on land in the pacific northwest. no injuries or damage has been reported. >> michelle obama taking to reality tv. the first lady will appear on the season premiere of extreme makeover home edition. the focus will be on a shell in north carolina for homeless female veterans. >> shannon: that is a great show and great cause. i've e-mailed with your dad about the fact that he's sitting operate couch with kleenex watching that show every sunday night. >> reporter: yeah, you need it. >> special episode tonight, thanks peter. >> newt gingrich is no er to politics. -- is no stranger to politics. when a chance to catch up with him and asked him how he feels about some people calling him the brains of the operation when it comes to the gop field? >> pretty flattering. i don't object to being called somebody who has lots of ideas and sob who reads lots of book. -- and sock
. these are issues rick perry will get the signal on. he and mitt romney are in michigan now. but the noise from florida is loud. herman cain's common sense conservativism with his 9-9-9 jobs and economic plan has gotten the attention of the sunshine state. it will echo around the country and particularly for rick perry. he'll have changing of policies or at least adjustments to make in the wake of this defeat. to come in with less than half of herman cain's support is a serious blow. he and mitt romney have a serious race ahead. fundraising after straw polls is key after long-term success and whether or not herman cain has staying power. now herman cain is at the top of the straw poll in florida and that means he's going to be on the top of the minds and mouths of republicans across the country in the days ahead. >> arthel: carl, it just makes it all so exciting. thank you, we'll talk to you later. >> rick: we will have is a lot more analysis of the results out of florida. the surprise win for herman cain and what's going on with romney and perry and the rest of the gop field? that's coming up
. joining us now from grand rapids, michigan to explain the purveyor of dick mr. morris. you heard the christie debate. what say you? do you think he is going to run? >> no, i don't think he is going to run. i'm sick and tired of his teasing the united states. i think that he should either cut bait or fish. put up or shut up. stop this bs of waltzing around the issue and being so could you tell use in his denials and get up there and say if nominated i refuse to run. if elected i refuse to serve. sermon. >> bill: does he hurt the republican party by the dance. >> yes. candidates can't raise money people are not focusing on the message enough. people are rooting on the man that isn't there. this entire nominating race has been overshadowed by people who self-indulgently floated their name adulation and then said ooh no thanks. we had three months of donald trump. we had one month of mitch daniels. we had mike huckabee. we have sarah palin running all over the country in buses pretending she is sort of maybe not running. now chris christie does what over governor of new jersey
pressure system. that's the same storm responsible for a water spout over lake michigan. >> harris: we're going to take a look at that. a great set up for this. this was amazing. nature putting on quite a water show. a little bit earlier today off the shores of milwaukee, there it is. water spout over lake michigan as maria was just telling us about. this video goes on and on and on. we were watching it in the newsroom earlier. a common sight this time of the year when the lake is warmer than the air temperature because it's already cooling down up there. water spouts, also called tornadoes over the water, i've read that they're very difficult to see if you're actually on the water. this taken from quite a ways away. so impressive. they're usually weak and short-lived. they've been known to move onto land at times. you've got to keep an eye on them. good stuff. >>> well, do you believe everything you read? of course not. and you always hear people say don't believe everything you read. up next, the on line scam that's creating more fiction than fact. >>> a big pay day for the tipsters
michigan had been in the race. he had been for several months campaigning and spending time criticizing mitt romney. today he announce he will withdrawal his candidacy. he failed to meet criteria for participation in tonight's debate, failed to attract attention and money. the race is now over and he says he will continue to work from congress on his consecutive principles there is speculation not withstanding his criticism of mitt romney ultimately that is where his support may rest. bret? >> bret: all right, carl. by the way, happy birthday. we will celebrate with a big debate tonight. how about that? >> reporter: thanks, bret. i appreciate it. >> bret: president obama resumes his push for his new stimulus plan today. appearing in cincinnati, ohio. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports the president's back-to-work agenda involved working over some republican leaders. >> reporter: the president took the campaign for american jobs act to aging bridge that connects the home state of the republican leaders of the house and senate. he called them out by nam
in michigan. we found out indeed it was a car bomb. you'll hear the terrifying 911 call. we are live with more on that. jon: we are live at the united nation waiting a speech by -- there he is, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. why statements from this leader in the past could leave him talking to a mostly empty room. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. she is the greatest thing ever. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on lzo it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. we put the law on your side. jon: perhaps it is no surprise that just after the two american hikers who were unjustly imprisoned in iran were released the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is making new
cast the votes. >> four years ago, we said together that michigan seemed to be enduring a one state recession. president obama said he'd change that. he has. now all the states are enduring a recession. >> let me share something with you, i will draw a sharp contrast between president obama and myself. [ applause ] >> bret: before the break, our question of the day asked you will new jersey governor chris christie run for presidency in 2012. 23% said yes, 77% of you said no. back with the panel. we're going to talk in this panel about the current crop of candidates. and the florida straw poll this weekend, big surprise to many, herman cain getting 37% of the vote. rick perry came in second with 15%. mitt romney in third place with 14%. we talk a lot about straw polls. michele bachmann winning the iowa straw poll. ron paul won in california. herman cain endorsed by dennis miller. getting a lot of attention. a big splash in florida. says he is the guy to take it forward. >> i don't think that the bulk of people who voted, the bulk of delegates in florida who voted in that poll believe
the crowd after the lande -- labor day speech in detroit, michigan. here we go again. sorry. >> everybody here has to vote. if we keep the eye on the prize let's take these soften a bitches back and give mark back to where we belong. thank you, america. thank you, thank you, thank you! >> the whole crowd. >> haven't seen that enough. the tea party express which is the chinese restaurant in baltimore has called on the president to, quote, condemn this inappropriate and uncivil rhetoric saying it has no place in the public for result of the president has called for a more political discourse. shouldn't he be appalled? and what about in 2008 when mccain, john that is, apologized for bill cunningham's reference to barack hussein obama. jake taper went there on tuesday. >> some of us covered the campaign and recall a time when somebody made harsh comments about then senator obama while during the introduction of a mccain rally, and the obama campaign was offended and expected an apology and senator mccain came out and did so. >> mr. hoffa speaks for himself. >> whatever. we weren't even listen
of people didn't like. >> especially michigan. michigan is a state up for grabs theoretically, you know, and that commercial resonates for me. >> i watch that commercial. >> i actually walked through the ford plant in michigan in -- with the ceo of ford and said why don't you run an ad about, you know, you didn't take the bailout. >> you're the reason. >> this is your idea! >> he said no, the american people understand that. literally said that a year and a half ago. here we are a year and a half forward and they put this ad together, charlie, they put this ad together, there's no doubt that they had the intention of running this ad. you don't put the ad together, put it out there and yank it quickly unless they get pressure from somebody. >> clearly, i would like to know who pressured them. that person should be pressured to resign. this takes it a little too far. we're in the middle of -- we're ramping up to the election, clearly they don't want this -- anything to prevent the president from losing -- losing michigan. michigan is a key state. if the republicans win that state, think
pressures in states like ohio, michigan and wisconsin that would be hit hardest by these rules. kelly: we understand the u.s. chamber of commerce signed on to support the president on this one. >> reporter: he did what they told him to do so it make sense they would be enthusiastic about it. this was one of the regulations when house speaker john boehner said to the president, you tell us if you have any regulations in the pipeline that with cost more than a billion dollars, this is at the top of the list. this is an expensive regulation and would have far-reaching effects. this went a long way for boehner and the chamber what to take care of first and they are happy with this choice. kelly: thanks very much. jamie: new jobs numbers show hiring completely stalled in august. and the national unemployment rate stayed at 9.1%. but according to the bureau of lane statistics that number jumps to 16% for -- for african-americans. one non-profit group is trying to turn it around. >> reporter: the black chamber of commerce, they have a keen interest. when you start look at inner cities like detro
on his win and why he believes it is a harbinger of things to come in 2012. the state of michigan wants doctors to keep track of your child's weight for records and research. the conoversy and the fallout over that plan. a millionaire's wife is shot five times in the face. he says he was trying to stop her from committing suicide, prosecutors say he is the killer. we'll go in-depth on this story and bring you the details behind the suspect's bizarre jailhouse danc in this video. >> diane is dead. >> oh, no. >> and it's not real pretty right now. and nobody knows about it but you. >> why? how did it happen? >> well, that's another story. but right now their mother is dead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind and this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp
position. and in box three, heart stopping moments. michigan control loses communication with the russian soyuz carrying astronauts home from the international space station. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 on this friday afternoon in new york, day two of the murder trial of the millionaire businessman accused of shooting his wife in the face. the prosecution showed what folks described as gruesome photos and described the crime seen to the jury. >> one her eyes was no longer in its socket. and the other one was. >> this is a closeup photograph of the victim on the floor. >> during the time of processing the scene did you --. >>shepard: bob ward, the husband, looking down with the photo of his dead wife on full display and the prosecution claims he killed the wife to keep her from testifying in an upcoming bankruptcy case against him. yesterday, the jury heard the 9-1-1 scales where he repeatedly tells the operator that he shot her. >> emergency. >> i shot my wife. >>shepard: the defense says the victim was drunk and on antidepressants whe
, the coastal farms. i notice michigan and the great lakes region among coastal because of the influence that goes off in the farm land to the ocean and the water. there was a tremendous amount, a big section on the indians. they had because of a different grouping. it's like a country within a country. how to deal with them. >> neil: a lot about process, right, howard? >> unbelievable. >> neil: this seems to be your excuse why you didn't get to the rest of the regulations. >> there is enormous detail. >> neil: i agree with you. but i want to look to your left and our right. we told you when you were done to neatly pile the papers to the side. look what you have done. you have already violated a federal regulation. i don't know which one. it's probably in the stack you have not read yet in all seriousness, what you discovered is redundancy and nitpicking, but in all reality, you have to be compliant with all of the above. >> one way to handle, i'll tell people if they want to read faster go to mr. i'll give a
stupak the congressman from michigan, and pro-life guy and twisted and turned himself into houdini to be able to get in the box and vote for it and then didn't he lose? >> he retired, he retired. >> made the decision and retired and took one-- >> he knew-- >> no, no, decided not to run because his family had death threats. >> and we'll have more on "the five" right after this. ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." today, dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor was in court and under investigation on his bart of michael jackson's death. and take a listen played by prosecutors, and this is michael jackson's voice and by the way jackson's parents and kids were in court while this was going on, take a listen: >> all right. let me correct that. it wasn't his kids in court. jackson's parents and siblings in court, but, guys, this really shows how bad michael jack was. and by the way, this is the doctor's tapes. >> that's what you just saw is, remember the commercial, this is or the ad, this is your brain on drugs, that's why i was so scared to do drugs and look what happens. that was
to michigan for a christmas vacation. >> brian did come home that christmas, we buried him not far from the house that he was raised in, just prior to christmas day. >> there are times when you can't hold back the tears, because it is like losing a son, a nephew. i felt like a true son of the united states of america was lost that night. >> sean: at the scene agents arrested a man and recovered 3a k 47 weapons. two purchased in arizona by a man who was unsurveillance as part of the fast and furious operation. he was arrested the next day. >> when first hear about weapons purchased through operation fast and furious? >> mostly on tv, media, newspapers. i never got a call until it was brought out in the newspapers. i just was flabbergasted. i didn't believe it at first. >> sean: ballistic tests could not identify the weapon but lawmakers were outraged. >> brian terry's loss was regrettably and preventable. >> what makes his death so shocking to his family is that he did not die on a foreign battlefield. not iraq or afghanistan but in the desert outside of arizona. eight meantimes -- 18 mi
romney this past weekend won the michigan straw poll. we talked about the florida tra poll earlier where herman cain won. a point i want to make in the last five weeks there have been five straw polls and a different person won each. cain, santorum, bachmann. do straw polls matter? >> no, they don't matter. romney won in won of his home state is a big piece of political news there. i don't understand why he went up there. you can race more money in the presidential campaigns. i've done it. in straw polls chasing things that are meaningless. this thing in florida is meaningless in a week. the g.o.p. chairman ought to be meaningless in a week. can i talk about donald trump? he is a nice guy. but why we give attention to this guy, why the people are -- if he is giving them a lot of money i understand why you see him. >> dana: i don't think he is. >> bob: then why do it? >> bob: he gets media attention. his voice has some weight. >> kimberly: i agree. >> bob: why? he might as well come to see you. >> dana: that would be great. >> kimberly: come on down. >> greg: like the weird soccer parent
on the calendar but if more states go on the 31st including missouri or michigan or the others that are looking at it south carolina would need more time to move to tuesday and that pushes iowa to january 2nd. we will be looking at the responses and how the college football bowls went and counting caucus ballots. >>neil: we got word that new hampshire is moving the date to next tuesday. wild. good stuff. bottom line, suddenly this guy has gone from a changing spot in the polling results. >>guest: herman cain has always been the, i think i can, i think i $i know i can, the engine that could and in all of the focus groups he has come in first or second in the performance. so that is good news. and the key for florida, iowa is going for rick perry. new hampshire is going for romney. south carolina is going for perry. nevada is going for romney. florida is one state i can't call. it is too close to call. and for herman cain, this is an opportunity for him to breakthrough. but i have one question for the people who work for hilton hotels. are you going to refund me the money i put out when new hamps
's the man, okay? he has a license to carry a gun. >> right. >> what state is this? >> michigan. >> benson harbor. >> robber goes in. it's on videotape. >> right. >> okay. tries to shoot at this man, the pharmacist, okay? the pharmacist then shoots at the robber. doesn't hit him though, right? >> nobody is hurt. >> to nobody is hurt. and walgreens fires the pharmacist. >> for carrying the gun. >> what is this? >> for carrying the gun. they said you didn't tell us about this concealed gun. by the way, he got the gun in 2007, after an attempted armed robbery at the same walgreens. >> so walgreens is saying you didn't tell us you had a permit to carry. >> you are out that way. >> but there's also a walgreen policy, i understand, that you don't escalate, right? >> he's saying he was fired and that's why there's a federal lawsuit that he got the attorneys to file for him because he violated, supposedly, the nonescalation policy. but the video clearly shows he did not escalate. >> you are trying to shoot him but the robber's gun misfires. >> he has to standstill and be a human target. >> we all
than any state scepter california and michigan. we are working to -- create an environment where we are open for business, where recollections make sense. where our taxes are low where we begin to train people for jobs that exist. >> sean: you are not going to raid gibson guitar in your state? >> i was an used by people in kentucky of wanting to steal their jobs. guess what? they are right. i'm going everywhere i can in america to make ohio work better. >> sean: these numbers are frightening. 46.2 million americans in poverty. >> unbelievable. one out of every children in poverty in my state. >> sean: child poverty rose to 22% in country. 22% of kids live in poverty. you go through these numbers. african-american unemployment, teenage unemployment nearly 50%. what has barack obama done? >> take dodd-frank this bill on bank regulation. 5,000 new regulations coming out. talking about raising taxes, busting the budget. what businesses do, remember i was in business for 10 years. they say we don't understand the regulations that are coming. we don' understand where the taxes are going t
, on your outfit today. here is from marry in michigan. "wow! you look so sexy this that black and red. are you italian?" >> bob: yes. >> andrea: sue in south carolina says where did you get that horrid outfit? you need a wardrobe consul stant. a republican to teach you how to dress. >> bob: greg. >> andrea: from texas, is beckle in the senior version of west side story in that red third and suspenders? from our own bill hemmer let's auction bob's shirt off. >> eric: bill paid a buck but overpaid. >> bob: we could auction off bill's suit and pay for an entire healthcare operation have you seen his suits? he has the most expensive -- well, next to you. by the way, you are the only person i know who pays $400 for jeans. and they have holes in them. why is that? >> dana: you paid $400? >> bob: holes in them. >> eric: reflecting -- deflecting the wardrobe for what it will be tomorrow. do i get it for the whole hour? producers say full hour i can put you in whatever i want. >> bob: wear $400 jeans and show everybody what they are -- nobody else knows. >> greg: he should go shirtless with su
on healthcare. it comes from ian mcdonald of michigan who says he has a health problem. watch it, sir. >> i am a student so for me and those like me democrat healthcare reform allowing us to stay on our insurance longer would be a godsend. if you were elected would you work in the state position of the party to repeal this reform. if so do we pray really hard that our illness --. >> chris: what about provisions that he talks about. the one that allows kids to stay on their parents' policies until they are 26 or not limiting coverage for preexisting conditions. president obama says the only way insurance companies can afford to provide those kinds of reforms is with the individual mandate where they get a lot of new customers? >> when i hear this discussion i think of my daughter elizabeth who is sitting in the front row who suffers from juvenile diabetes. i am also reminded we are fundamentally approaching healthcare reform the wrong way. one trillion dollar bomb of obamacare is creating such uncertainty in the marketplace that businesses are not willing to hire, not willing to deploy capital
hijackers hosni and -- would follow their spiritual keeper. >> not michigan, not louisiana,not new orleans, they would end up in falls church, virginia, right next to a mosque that the imam is anwar al awlaki. >> al awlaki begin asked people who are his followers to help these guys out with id's driving them around. finding apartments. >> another secret of 9/11 is this man 28-year-old jordanian. he ran illegal driver's license schemes in new jersey, connecticut and virginia and had apartments in all three states. >> an investigation came from a lead from our virginia office asking us to run down and locate an individual by connected to automobile vehicle license address similar to the hijacker. >> this is where we are coming up to where mohammed atta's was found near the dunkin' donuts. >> 13 of the 15 came through new jersey at some point. >> bob let the investigation team in patterson, new jersey. he talked about the 9/11 case for the first time. >> he found out we were looking for him. there is no doubt. when he got tipped off he was in connecticut at the time. he walked into the connec
. one message to reporters was titled michigan governor rick snyder backs american jobs act. surprising endorsement from conservative republican. less than an hour later they sent corrected release, saying rick snyder on american jobs act. walking back the claim that snyder backed the obama plan. while the governor has positive things to say about the proposal, his office clarified he isn't offering his full support. one element of the plan is preventing 285,000 teacher layoffs. however, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell's office points out last year president obama signed legislation that included $10 billion to avoid 160,000 teacher layoffs. that bill was a bargain averaging $62,500 per job saved. at least compared to the president's new request which works out to $125,000 per job. the education department says last year's bill did save jobs but there is now a need to avoid more layoffs. and finally, former yahoo ceo carol bartz may have cost herself tens of billions of dollars because of name-calling. she referred to other board members as dufuses two days after she was fired
people work, too. >> in michigan with 11% jobless rate, both men are preaching to the choir. but as far as big labor is concerned it's a changing choir. union members are likely to be public sector workers like teachers and police officers than auto workers or in the private sector. across the country, 200,000 lost their jobs last year in wisconsin and ohio, public sector workers lost the collective bargaining rights. >> this is not about economics. it's about politics. i want everybody to know as long as i'm in the white house i'll stand up for collective bargaining. >> in 2008, candidate obama promised to march with public sector workers if necessary to defend the rights. he hasn't yet but he did give states federal aid to help us out of the recession. >> thank you, wendell. handful of 2012 republican presidential hopefuls were in conservative south carolina for a forum sponsoreded by jim demint today. one contender had to leigh early but offered parting shots answered in kind. >> chieve political correspondent carl cameron surveys the field from columbia. >> most of the presidential
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, north dakota, steelman missouri, mandel in ohio, hofstra in michigan, burn in pennsylvania. chaise in connecticut and thompson or somebody else in wisconsin that's 12. that brings you to 59. then, if we can find strong candidates in any of the following five states, we could do it: maryland against cardin, minnesota, west virginia against manchin. new jersey against menendez and washington state against cantwell. there's a reason to believe in each of those states we could do well. we almost won washington last time. christie won in new jersey. we came within a breath of winning west virginia last time. minnesota, you know how close that was in the franken race. i think that obama is so dragging down the democratic party to defeat, 15 to 20 points if the election were held now. that we really have a shot at 60. >> sean: even california -- first the new york 9, it was a dramatic result in a very important part of the state of nevada. california three out of four californians are not happy with the job he's doing, especially on economics. something has shifted. i noticed in the presi
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